Charging Infrastructure in Walzmühle, Ludwigshafen a.R.


Period: 01-09/2015

In September 2015, the first two charging stations of the new generation were installed in the “Walzmühle” multi-storey car park of the “Ludwigshafener Kongress- und Marketinggesellschaft” (LUKOM).

A total number of 6 vehicles can be charged simultaneously. The project will be accompanied by an extensive monitoring campaign recording and collecting measurement data on network interactions and usage behaviour, which enables the optimal design of further charging points. These are individually adapted to the requirements of the location and  subseqeuntly the costs of future charging infrastructure and its network connection can be reduced.

EA Systems supports TWL with:

  • Study on the development of charging energy and mobility demand
  • Study on available billing methods
  • Study on current technologies and their future development
  • Concepts for adaptive charge and load management
  • Joint pilot projects
  • System monitoring and data evaluation
Ceremonial Opening of charging infrastructure in car park “Walzmühle”