Infrastructure and Platform Solution

Closed-loop charging solutions with low connectivity and communication interfaces cannot meet the requirements of a modern charging infrastructure. EA Systems Dresden therefore implements interface modules and control software to create cost-effective and intelligent charging solutions from standard components.

Kundenspezifische Softwareentwicklung


  • Individual charging infrastructure including wallbox systems and master-slave solutions
  • Configurable charging points (Type 2 for 16A, 32A, 16/32A, DC, Energybus, schuko plug, ISO 15118, Powerline)
  • Integration in energy management systems and local networks
  • Grid monitoring per phase (voltage, frequency, reactive power)
  • Monitoring of process data and environmental conditions

Platform solution

  • Charging infrastructure and user administration
  • Fleet management
  • Customized system configuration
  • Open interfaces
  • Additional communication interfaces: OCPP (open charge point protocol), OSCP (open smart charge protocol)
  • Monitoring and data logging with high resolution (1s)